Yellow maize for animal feed.Then there are the benefits for your livestock. Maize is not just for feeding people, it is also a necessary food for livestock. One of the biggest factors encouraging maize exporters to produce and distribute so much maize each year is that maize is a great food source for stock animals. Every part of the plant can be used for some purpose or other. The cob itself is usually harvested for human consumption but the stalks can be fed to animals while surplus grain can be used to feed poultry.Yellow maize for animal feed

Like we mentioned before, the uses of maize are endless, and the many uses are keeping maize starch manufacturers busy ensuring there is enough to go around. Yellow maize is found for sale all over South Africa, but you need to make sure that you select a supplier who can always assist with providing you with the same products and the same affordable prices

Annually in South Africa, maize suppliers produce and distribute around 14 million tons of produce. That is 7.7 million
tons of white maize and 6.2 million tons of yellow maize being made available by maize suppliers in South Africa.