Super Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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Product Details

This is a green vein strain of kratom, Super Green Vein Maeng Da. It is the leaf from a kratom (mitragyna speciosa) tree hand picked and slow sun dried outdoors – both UV exposure (sunlight) and oxidation (improved airflow) during drying have been shown to affect the content of the alkloid mitragynine in the final product – and ground into a fine powder to produce the final product – kratom powder. This Super Green Maeng Da kratom powder is 100% natural kratom plant material and additive free, it is produced solely from ground plant material from the Green Maeng Da tree.

This is a slightly improved version of our most popular overall strain, Green Maeng Da (or Green MD) achieved by taking extra care to hand remove as many excess stems and veins as possible leaving the raw plant material closer to pure leaf than with our normal Green Maeng Da before it is ground into it’s final powder form that you will receive. The leaves have a higher alkaloid content than stem and vein for critical alkaloids such as mitragynine making this a more desirable version of the same strain.

If you like our Green MD (Maeng Da), which is our most popular strain so chances are I’m talking to you, you will love Super Green Maeng Da. However this is our first time carrying it and as such we are not offering full kilos yet and orders are restricted to a quantity of 1 per customer this week so that you may sample is before diving in on a larger purchase as not all strains are ideal for all people (if they were we wouldn’t have to carry 31 strains and blends); if you like it then go ahead and come on back and we’ll have kilos (and multiple kilos) available for sale next week without limits once you’ve had a chance to decide if it’s what’s right for you or not. We don’t want anyone buying 5 kilos of a strain they’ve never bought before though; so this is a firm limit for this first introductory week.