Red Vein Kali Kratom Powder

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Product Details

Red Kali is the same strain of kratom powder as Red Kalis, in fact Red Kalis is it’s accurate name but some ‘genius’ US marketer thought Red Kali sounded cooler so he dropped the ‘S’ and thus we have to as well or people become confused as to whether or not this is the same strain; it is.

Red Kali(s) is one of the newer strains we tried adding to our inventory and after positive feedback we have decided to offer it permanently. It is an extremely finely ground powder made from the leaves of the Red Vein Kalis strain kratom tree found in Southeast Asia. There is some dispute as to whether or not the name is shortened because the original tree was located in The Kalimatan which is the Indonesian controlled section of the island of Borneo or whether it was just a name given to a new variety of kratom tree, or perhaps even referencing a different region known locally as Kalis. Whatever the case this is a great red vein strain of kratom being sold in it’s powdered form.