Nguni cattle

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Bulls will generally weigh from 500 to 700kg and cows from 300 to 400kg in average condition. The calves are small at birth, weighing 22 to 25kg, but grow very rapidly and wean at weights comparable to other breeds. The Nguni cattle are indigenous to South Africa. The Nguni name was given by the black tribe in South Africa, known as the Nguni people. It is famous for its fertility and resistance to diseases. Nguni Cattle can survive very well on very little food.

Heifers  Between 13 – 24 Months, Weight 300 – 500kg Available

Dairy Cows Available

Bulls  Weight 500– 700kg Available

Pregnant Cattle Available

Calve Between 3 – 4 Months, Weight 110 – 250kg Available

Calm but alert ( Good temperament)
Small cattle
Good resistance to ticks
Thick skins
The tail is thin and flexible
Can handle extreme weather
Adapt well to different climates
Survive on low nutrition
The legs and hoofs should be strong to walk and climb easily