Cow & Gate Infant Milk for Hungrier Babies from birth 900g

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Product Details

Producer: Nutricia Ltd.
Categorie: Baby Formula
EAN unit: 5000378998218
Pieces in the carton: 6
Carton quantity on pallet: 60
Pieces quantity on Pallet 360
Origin United Kingdom
Shelf life 18 months
Label Text EN

Product Description:

Cow & Gate Infant Milk for Hungrier Babies from Newborn 900g is an infant milk with a special balance of milk protein designed to help your hungry baby feel more satisfied. It’s nutritionally complete to provide all the nourishment your baby needs when it’s too early for weaning. It contains our unique blend of oligosaccharides (GOS/FOS) similar to those found in nature, key vitamins and minerals, nucleotides, LCPs and antioxidants.