Cow & Gate Anti-Reflux from Birth to 1 Year 900g

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Product Details

Producer: Nutricia Ltd.
Categorie: Baby Formula
EAN unit: 8712400806138
Pieces in the carton: 4
Carton quantity on pallet: 90
Pieces quantity on Pallet 360
Origin United Kingdom
Shelf life 18 months
Label Text EN

Product Description:

Cow & Gate Anti-Reflux from Birth to 1 Year 900g Most babies bring their feeds up occasionally and this is perfectly normal. Sometimes this occurs more frequently, or in larger quantities and this is known as regurgitation or reflux. If you are concerned that your baby is having frequent reflux you should speak to your healthcare professional before using this product. Cow & Gate anti-reflux is a specially thickened formula with carob bean gum. Unlike starch based thickeners, carob bean gum thickens the formula on mixing and remains thick in the stomach, helping the feed to stay down.


*For the dietary management of reflux & regurgitation

*Thickened formula

*Easy to digest

*With LCPs & nucleotides

*Nutritionally complete

*Food for special medical purposes