Bonsmara cattle

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Bonsmara is well adapted to the extensive South-African climate.
Bonsmaras are very fertile breeding small calves for easy calving.
Bonsmaras are subject to minimum growth standards and produce high-quality meat.
Bonsmaras have a calm temperament to be handled with ease.

Bonsmara is a breed of cattle known for its high-quality beef. They have been scientifically bred and strictly selected for economical production in the extensive cattle grazing regions of South Africa. They have become so popular that it has grown to be numerically the strongest beef breed in SA.

Heifers Between 13–24 Months Weight 450–800kg Available
Dairy Cows Available
Bulls Weight 600 – 900kg Available
Pregnant Cattle Available
Calve Between 3–4 Months 110–350kg Available

Bonsmaras are equally suitable in cross-breeding as well as pure cattle farming. Bonsmaras are strictly selected according to the needs of commercial farmers. All Bonsmaras are performance-tested, inspected and approved by inspectors according to minimum breed standards. Bulls will generally weigh from 600 to 900kg and cows from 445 to 637kg in average condition. The calves are small at birth, weighing 34 to 36, but grow very rapidly and wean at weights comparable to other breeds.