Black eyed beans

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Product Details

Black Eye Beans are a sub-species of cow peas. AKA Black-eyed Pea, Black-eyed Bean or Goat Pea. On a bean seed, the hilum is callled the ‘eye’, the black spot on the hilum gives this bean its name.

The pods can either be used young as green beans or left to dry on the plant for dry beans. The dry beans are where this bean truly comes into its own; add to soups and stews or cook up as a side.

The plants are heat loving and drought resistant, however they are susceptible to Root-knot nematodes.

product: Black eyed beans
Crop: 2022;
Color: Creamy white;
Quality of goods: HPS;
Size: 340-380 pieces per 100 grams;
Moisture: max 12%;
Admixtures: max 1%;
Defective: max 2%;
Drying process: sun dried.