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Product Details

HEMOHIM is a new substance with a special immune function that has been developed from Angelica radix, Chuanxiong Rhizoma, and PaeoniaenAlba Radix through biological engineering and radiation technology.

Benefits of HemoHIM —

• Strengthen the immune system”s natural functioning to fight various chronic diseases.

• increase stamina as well as to improve general health for everybody

• NK cell activation – An immune cell which is generated in the human bone marrow to destruct harmful substances to the human body. NK cells can eat cancer cells.

• produce more white blood cell, produce more red blood cell.

• Immunity enhancement – Enhances immunity to maintain health

• Immune cell activation – Improves human body defence capacity

HemoHim Plus Development
• 8 years of research and development as a national project($5million, 15PH.D & 30 staff) in Food & Biotechnology Team of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

• Development of Functional Bio-defense Food for people dealing with radiation(KAERI Food & Biotechnology Team/Korea Cancer Center Hospital) – KAERI wanted to protect its workers from the harmful effect of radiation and wanted to share its technology and solution, the new substance HemoHim, with the whole world

• The very first individually approved health functional supplement assisting functions of the immune system(Proven through numerous tests) by the Korean FDA. Also approved by USFDA

• Patented in the United States, 4 major countries of Europe(England, German, France, Italy), as well as Japan and Korea, HemoHIM is continually proving its effect in immunity enhancement
USA Patent US06964785 – Herbal composition for improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage, and the method of preparing the same

• 159 research papers on this product alone

Atomy HemoHIM Plus is recommended for the following people.

• Anyone who wants to boost up the immune system and stamina
• Chronic Disease patients
• Elders who need energy restoration
• Workers exhausted from long hours
• Students that need physical endurance
• Long-distance drivers
• House-wives worn out from the stress of housework
• Athletes who consume a lot of physical energy

HemoHIM Consumption Instruction:
• One packet 20ml twice per day, 60 packets in total per box.
• Is a liquid, paste-like substance taken orally?• Drinking a cup of warm water after you consume it will help it absorb.
• Some people show effects right away, but some people take time building immune cells so it is recommended that you finish one box with the recommended dosage (twice a day) to see results